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BEDD has adopted EFQM Excellence Model and accordingly initiated strategical developments and improvements.


EFQM (European Foundation of Quality Management) was founded with 14 members in 1988. Its aim is to; “be the driving force for ensuring sustainable excellence of institutions in Europe.” And its vision is; “a world where European institutions are excellent". In 1992, Operational Excellence Model was developed. This model emphasizes that the success in customer satisfaction, satisfaction of employees and impact on the society can be ensured through management of policies, strategies, employees, resources and processes with a proper concept of leadership and thus excellence in business results can be obtained. Nine basic criteria of the model include the evaluations regarding the efforts of the institute to reach to excellence. Each criterion of the excellence model comprises of sub-criteria containing self-assessment and continuous development operations to be implemented by the organization in the journey of excellence. The model includes 32 sub-criteria in total with 24 entries and 8 results.

Our Foundation has been awarded with “Determination in Excellence” certificate which is the first stage of the European Excellence Journey with Five Stages of EFQM (European Foundation of Quality Management) during the 22nd Quality Congress organized in cooperation with KalDer and TÜSİAD. 

Five-Stage European Excellence Journey Program

Aim of the Program: Five-stage European Excellence Journey program is an introductory program.

It has been developed in order to extend the implementation of EFQM Excellence Model; support the institutions setting off on the Excellence journey; showing institutions which level they reach and ensure recognition of organizations at all levels.

Based on their experiences in the use of EFQM Excellence Model and the extent of their improvement program, organizations may apply to the most suitable stage for them.

First Stage: Determination in Excellence

Determination in Excellence Program Approval is designed for organizations which are just at the beginning of the journey of Excellence. At this stage, organizations are basically provided with support on understanding their current performance levels and identifying priorities for improvement. 

Organizations applying at the first stage of this program pass through the process of self-assessment using the nine basic criteria of EFQM Excellence Model. As a result of the assessments, organizations have the opportunity to identify the points that require improvement. 

At the second stage, the organization is expected to prioritize the improvement areas and present the precautions taken in line with the 6-9-month implementation period for 3 prioritized gaps during a site visit. Organizations proving their determination in excellence may use the certificate showing their successful completion of the stages for all their commercial and promotional operations.

Second Stage: Perfection in Excellence 3*, 4*, 5*

This program is designed for organizations with experience in self-assessment using EFQM Excellence Model. This stage shows the successful management of the organization and its progression to become an excellent organization.

Based on the thirty two sub-criteria of EFQM Excellence Model, it offers an structural advantage of approach to identify the strengths and improvable areas of the organization. Organizations applying for this stage pass through an evaluation process similar to European and National Quality Award; however they are expected to prepare a shorter application documentation.

After the application is evaluated by a team of three to five trained evaluators, a site visit is scheduled for the applicant and a feedback report is prepared. Starting from the second half of 2006, different identification (3*, 4*, 5*) opportunities have been offered based on the results of the site visits of applicants. Organizations with evaluation score of 300 and/or more are regarded as successfully completed the level suitable for their site visit score; and they may use the related approval certificate in their commercial and promotional activities.

Third Stage: European and/or National Quality Award Finalist

Fourth Stage: European and/or National Quality Success Award

Fifth Stage: European and/or National Quality Great Award 

European and/or National Quality Award Finalist, Success Award or Great Award winners are organizations which are at the stage of achieving the best in Europe and in the world. You may find further information about application to these three stages on the web page of KalDer (www.kalder.org).

Documents & Certificates