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Registration and History of our Association


It was founded as a beneficial association on July 20, 1993. It gained its official identity upon the publication of the charter on October 25, 1993. It participated into social life as an institution subject to the Law of Associations no. 2908 (accepted for the benefit of the public upon decision of the Council of Ministers on 07/11/2003) with registration no.34-61/044.


Founded under the leadership of Kemal DEMIREL, BEDD has become a pioneer association in overcoming the obstacles with its operations in Turkey. BEDD, with its fully-equipped headquarters, 13 employees, academic advisors and its subsidiary DENI Finance Company, has an institutional structure that operates in the public interest. Our association, which distributes its benefits in cooperation with governorships, district governorships and municipalities all over the country for 27 years, has received nearly 300 awards, including 180 from the state. BEDD, which struggled with financial difficulties on its early days, today provides aids to an average of 5,000 disabled people within a year. In BEDD, the light has never faded and the service has not been interrupted.  Our association, which is growing stronger with the support of our friends and contributors, is continuing its activities to overcome the obstacles.