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Kemal Demirel & BEDD


The Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled was founded in Cevizli/Kartal, Istanbul in 1993 under the leadership of Kemal DEMİREL. Our Chairman Kemal DEMİREL, who was born in Istanbul in 1960, has been paralyzed as a result of a wrong spinal operation in 1970 and stayed in hospital for eleven years. DEMİREL lost his family at that time and after he left the hospital in 1981, he was thrown into a life struggle full of difficulties.


Determined to improve himself with his stubborn personality, DEMİREL first learned how to read and write, then began to send his own views to newspaper columnists and radio. Kemal DEMİREL, who achieved successive successes with the writings he wrote, married Mrs. Nuray, Aquaculture Engineer in 1989, and found the greatest strength and life partner in the struggle. Married for 23 years with a daughter called Ecenaz and son named Emirhan, Kemal DEMİREL has been awarded with many state accolades for his innovative studies carried out thanks to the Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled he launched in 1993, and scooped up more than 300 awards in total.


Believing that it is not possible provide sufficient services to the disabled with centralized operations, DEMIREL traveled all around the country between 1999 and 2009, and started to distribute the aids with ceremonies organized in coordination with the Governorships, District Governorships and Municipalities. In order to provide social awareness on disabilities, DEMIREL has now become a symbol of disability and community by carrying out aid distribution programs in 75 provinces and hundreds of districts and reaching 1 million kilometers for this purpose.


The Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled, founded by Kemal DEMIREL, made its name with many operations conducted, bionic arm-leg designs, scholarships, food aids, wheelchairs and underpads for patients, as well as moral support organizations. Demirel is now aiming to produce huge projects in the new era concept and to make big investments despite the backward economy. For this, Demirel, who established the economic corporation and developed the DENI brand, said, “In our country, the disabled should now become producers from the consumer position. The new world concept expects this and for this, overcoming the obstacles is a must.”  The biggest dream of Demirel, who has adopted himself with his works realized throughout the country, is to become active around the world by foundation. In addition to the technological structure, it takes firm steps forward future with the foundation of BEDD Academic Science Committee under the supervision of Peppers & Rogers Group.


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