Let Your Ramadan Support Turn Into Hope And Happiness!

Ramadan is to be with the orphans, to understand them, to make them smile, to repair broken hearts and to support them.

Solidarity Association with physical disabilities that set out in this reality continues to help the needy and disabled brothers and sisters in the same kind of assistance, training and wheelchair assistance.

BEDD family for 26 years, we owe our sincere thanks to our esteemed heartfelt friends who have given us this honor and touched thousands of lives together and saved lives.

It is our duty to share the peace of Ramadan and the enthusiasm of spring together, to reach our disabled citizens, to liberate them like butterflies.

Let's hope and light in Ramadan.

How do we do food aid?

our association intensifies food aid during Ramadan. We distribute to families in need and disabled members.  At Bedd headquarters, we deliver food aid to families by mass distribution.  We also offer İftar meals to our members during Ramadan.  We wish the month of Ramadan to bring peace, unity, togetherness and prosperity to our country and to bring peace to our world.

Jede Spende hilft!

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