Corporate Social Responsibility Project with Solidarity Association for the Physical Disabled

Social responsibility; the practice of producing goods and services in a way that is not harmful to society or the environment.  in an other saying; public, private sector and civil society come together for a purpose. to establish good relations with the society in order to maintain the existence of the institutions or organizations and achieve their goals. It is a tool for the institutions and organizations to establish good relations with the society in order to survive and achieve their goals. Corporate social responsibility; it is the effort of the institutions that want to integrate into the society to fulfill their responsibilities towards the society.

Social responsibility; to transfer the knowledge skills, experience and resources of the people to the society.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility activities; to develop for areas such as education, environment, health and cultureThe expectation of the institutions from these activities is that; Corporate image and corporate reputation is to increase the value.

Corporate social responsibility is not a philanthropic work.Philanthropy is done without planning and without anyone else. But; corporate social responsibility includes public relations campaigns. Corporate social responsibility is carried out with planned and strategic steps, taking into account the needs and expectations of the society. It is important to announce this by means of communication.

Corporate social responsibility; It is a perception management which is made in order to create positive connotations about the image of the institution in minds. Institutions with their social responsibility activities; they gain abstract values such as loyalty, trust.

The importance of corporate social responsibility projects:

We talked about the benefits that Social Responsibility provides for you or your organization.

we can list some important points as follows;

  1.      The corporate social responsibility project increases the reputation of your organization.
  2.      It helps us to save on energy resources management.
  3.      This,  motivates your colleagues and improves efficiency.
  4.      Increases the importance of innovation.
  5.      Makes you strong against your opponents.

Corporate social responsibility with BEDD

The Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled is a public-benefit organization. The Association is founded with a view to contributing to the educational and healthcare needs of all orthopedic disabled people of the Republic of Turkey, and making sure they are in social solidarity. The Association takes actions for disabled people within its body regardless of religion, language, race, origin and gender.

For your corporate social responsibility projects; with our 26 years of experience and dedicated employees, we will be ready to support every project that will benefit our society.

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