Support and make someone smile!

Dear friends of the heart,


Our Association helps an average of 5,000 people in a year and we want to increase these supports and make people laugh more. BEDD wants to create awareness in the world of people with disabilities. We started to produce handmade products to share their happiness with our friends of the heart and with the society.


“We produce bookmarks in various handmade models for the benefit of the Association ”


BEDD produce handmade bookmarks and started to offer these products to the customer at an affordable price for needer members.


All bookmarks are producted by our disabled sisters and brothers and we aimed to encourage the honor of them with sales. These products can be sold to your students through you or you can make sale by setting up a stand in your school.

The Association needs support on the sale of products to continue helping people. If you support the sales, you will energise and give moral to the Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled.

 kitap ayracı

Please don’t forget, each sales will support and give moral to our disabled sisters and brothers.

The price of our bookmarks is 5 TL. If you want, we can make a collective sending to you. Also it is invoiced by Deni İktisadi Şirketi. We are sending a sample of bookmarks to you and thank you for your interest.


Kemal Demirel


Best regards,

Jede Spende hilft!

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