Color Run - Color Sky 5K Ankara

Color Sky 5K held in the Incek Campus of TED Ankara College witnessed colorful moments. Color Sky 5K Run was held in Incek Campus of TED Ankara College in cooperation with TED Ankara College and the Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled.


At the end of the run held with the participation of nearly 3,700 people, 8 wheelchairs, 5 of which are power-operated and 3 manual, were purchased for people with disabilities. Kemal Demirel, the Director of the Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled, thanked to the team of Color Sky, who helped them in terms of giving messages to young people, and said, “We exist among all these colors, too. They also painted us within the scope of social responsibility. Thanks to the tickets you’ve bought as a contribution at this point - which you’ve reached - we’ll purchase power-operated chairs for people with disabilities. I would like to present my love and respect to our fellows with disabilities - whom we’ve reintegrated into life while sharing a moment of life here together - and the team of Color Sky. Have fun, give a color to life.” 

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