Aydın Incirliova District Police Department, Department for Community Policing

The Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled and Aydın Incirliova District Police Department, Department for Community Policing initiated a project for people with disabilities who are in need of wheelchairs in the district. Our association provided wheelchair support for the disabled with nine normal, two specially produced for spastic obstacles and three power-operated wheelchairs. The police knocked at the doors of people with disabilities unexpectedly and paid a visit to them. When people with disabilities saw the group of police officers working at the Department of Community Policing, comprising of Yıldırım ErdinçMuharrem HepdumanHüseyin Sarıkaya and Mukerrem Şenöz, they were quite surprised and very happy after they were informed about the goal of the visit and presented their wheelchairs.

84-year-old disabled Hasibe Göbek who wept for joy said, "May Allah never separate us from you", and hugged the police officers. Another disabled citizen, 72-year-old Mehmet Özel also said that the aid provided was invaluable. 65-year-old disabled Zahir Güneş also said, “I have no words for this sensitive behavior of the police. However we also need roads for disabled in order to use these power-operated chairs presented to us. Most people with disabilities can’t walk on the streets of Incirliova.” Spastic-handicapped 19-year-old Buse Okusen also shared the joy of her new disabled car by posing with police officers to the camera. In addition, it was stated that other vehicles had also been delivered to people with disabilities respectively, and such activities would continue.

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