We Painted Istanbul With the Most Beautiful Colors

The 2nd 5km 'color run' organized in Turkey was held with the participation of nearly 5,000 colored runners in Yenikapı City Mark under the Media Sponsorship of Best FM. During the running that witnesses many colorful moments, participants were painted with different colors by the volunteers at color stations located with 1 km intervals along the 5-km path.


Residents of Istanbul, who spend joyful times with the music performance of DJ on the stage built before the running, started running from the start point at 14.00. When participants arrived at the finish line of the run which they started wearing their white t-shirts with color sky 5k logo, they completed the run covered in a riot of colors. At the end of the running sponsored by Best Fm, Permolit, On Shoes, Arm&Hammer, John Frieda and Kraf&co brands, 5% of the income earned from the ticket sales will be donated to the Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled (BEDD). Kemal Demirel, the Director of BEDD, presented a thank you plaque to the organizers of the event before the running involving our fellow citizens with disabilities.


During the run with no time limitation, participants, who took part in the run with their families or group of friends, continued to have fun with the color party and music when they arrived at the finish line.

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