Şuşu, Can and Dörtteker

They aim to make children who have never seen a wheelchair in their lives realize that people with disabilities are also regular individuals who are naughty and love to play games. The book published by Redhouse Kidz and written by Yıldıray Karakiya has been prepared with the support of the Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled.

Adventures of Şuşu, our heroine who never leaves her three-wheel and can't stand still, continue with the second book of the series.

One day, Şuşu wakes up and her uncle decides to take her to playground while she is running around the house. While Şuşu wanders around the park, she meets with Can and his four-wheel. In the new book of the series, we read about the adventures of Şuşu and Can.

Don’t miss the details in the colorful park pictures of Başak Günaçan. A surprise may pop out behind every tree or bush! The adventure with Şuşu continues like a fire from the point it was left...

Written by: Yıldıray Karakiya
Drawn by: Başak Günaçan
Editorial Director: Ebru Şenol
Editor: Burcu Ünsal

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