Wheelchair Distribution in Bursa

During the wheelchair distribution ceremony held in cooperation with the Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled and with participation of Hüdayi Yazıcı, AKP District Chairman, Güler Kayahan ve Esra Savaşan, Deputy Chairmans of the Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled, as well as citizens with disabilities and their families living in Bayrak Alanı region, Mayor Edebali put a smile on the faces of 16 people with disabilities determined by the Municipality of Yıldırım.

Edabali said; “We will bring many serious and important projects aimed at people with disabilities into life. Our aim is to make Yıldırım a district where people with disabilities can easily live in. We are always in touch with our association. Up to now, we’ve delivered 2 power-operated and 14 manual wheelchairs to people in need. We are determined to raise the voice of all disabled through the ‘Engelsiz Masa’ project.

Stating that everyone has a potential of becoming disabled, Deputy Chairman Kayahan thanked Mayor Edebali and everyone who contributed, and wished that these wheelchairs would bring luck. At the end of the program, Mayor Edebali and Depute Chairman Kayahan presented thank you plaques to each other.

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