“Let’s Meet At Iftar”

750 people with special needs and their families gathered up under the traditional slogan of “Let’s Meet At Iftar".


During the traditional iftar dinners organized by BEDD at Vesta Restaurant, Moda Teras Restaurant and lastly at Lüfer 6 Teknesi in the spiritual atmosphere of Ramadan, members, managers and board members with special needs broke their fast with the slogan of “Let’s Meet At Iftar” together with their fellows.

Speaking at the iftar dinner supported with many valuable contributors of BEDD have supported over the years, Chairman Kemal Demirel said: "In this beautiful organization that is very meaningful in the beauty of Ramadan, we live the existence of our holy days with good morals in peace, love and compassion. For 20 years, we are committed to such organizations in line with the needs of our members.” Demirel stated that they will continue their efforts to reduce obstacles in the lives of the disabled by continuing to embrace people without discrimination.

Referring to the events in Gaza and the Middle East, the Director Demirel said: "In our immediate vicinity there is a blood bath. Our people are being massacred in the whole Middle East in Gaza. God bless you, guard against evil thought, do not break our union, our cooperation and our brotherhood. The earth shall be left to no one.”

Ediz Hun, a cinematographer who runs the BEDD Board of Advisors; stated that their main aim is to be able to listen to the problems of the members in the gathered environment and produce solutions and that they have participated very important developments for years and expressed that they want to continue this development in the future.

Valuable contributors who didn’t refrain from support for the iftar night were presented with Thank You Plaques by BEDD.

Members with special needs and their families expressed their thanks to BEDD for creating joyful atmospheres during iftar nights with great participation.

Founded under the leadership of Mr. Kemal Demirel, and run by the movie star Ediz Hun for the Council of Consultants, BEDD continues to provide those in need with food aid, clothes, disposable underpads, wheelchairs, scholarship for education, and treatment aid thanks to the support of corporate and individual donors.

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