Lives changing with the collaboration of BEDD and MNG Kargo...

Lives changing with the collaboration of the Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled (BEDD) and MNG Kargo…

Within the scope of social responsibility, a "Wheelchair support campaign" between BEDD and MNG Kargo has freed up a total of 1782 disabled citizens in need in a period of two years.

Promotional / announcement posters have been hanged all around the branches of MNG Kargo in order to reintegrate more individuals with special needs into the social life and to ensure that all citizens in need are provided with a wheelchair.

This project, which will ensure the communication of wheelchair and power wheelchair demands from individuals with special needs and limited financial opportunities to the headquarters of BEDD through the MNG Kargo branches all over Turkey, aims to make meaningful changes in the lives of people with special needs at all levels of the project.

In addition, the wheelchairs and power wheelchairs sent by BEDD to people in need are provided for free with door delivery to respective addresses thanks to the invaluable contributions of MNG Kargo.

“In addition to many initiatives we've taken in Turkish industry, we, as MNG Kargo family, don't forget our responsibilities for the community and in this context, we support our physically-handicapped citizens through the Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled.” said Aslan KUT, the General Manager. “Fortunately, within the framework of the social responsibility projects we have carried out, we are able to give hopes for the future of our citizens and help them overcome all the obstacles that may arise. At this point, I am very grateful to all of my employees, especially the Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled.”, he added.



"We will present our gratitude to MNG Kargo management for the support of MNG Cargo because it is very valuable for us from MNG Cargo, which provides quality and fastest service in logistics / transportation field within the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility Project, to meet the needs of wheelchair users due to material impossibility without forcing them." said Kemal DEMİREL, the General Director of BEDD and he pointed out the positive effect of such social responsibility awareness at every level of life on providing a better life for people with special needs.


Upon listing the applications for request letters sent by BEDD authorities to Governorships, Municipalities, District Governorships and Directorates of Family and Social Policies all around Turkey, the custom-made production process is carried out by medical institutions according to the donations made, and the end products are delivered to relative addresses for free by MNG Kargo.

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