About Wheelchair Aid

Turkey is home to 9 million disabled people. Nearly 250.000 disabled people are in need of a wheelchair that fits for their needs. BEDD has managed to provide almost 35.000 disabled people with custom-made wheelchairs since 1993 in an effort to safely integrate them into the society.

Contrary to popular belief, any wheelchair would not do the job for disabled people. The size, design and characteristics must be custom-made for wheelchairs to function properly.

BEDD knows very well how important custom-made wheel chairs are for safety and social life. Hence, we gain comprehensive insights into those in need to see how to distribute wheelchairs, and provide them in a way that fits for the nature of disability. Thus, our sponsors will be able to extend help in peace, knowing that their individual or corporate grants for wheelchairs would be delivered to the right persons in a way to best benefit them. Wheelchairs are delivered to disabled people in need as a part of distribution ceremonies held across 81 provinces in partnership with Governor's Offices, District Governor's Offices or Municipalities. They are delivered to those in need without any shipping cost. 

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