Healthcare Aids

We cover medication and treatment expenses for people with no access to treatment due to financial strains as they are devoid of social security, failing to afford such healthcare bills.

We help disabled people, who are obliged to use wheelchairs on various grounds and have no access to treatment due to financial difficulties, undergo operations in an effort to make sure they recover thanks to the donations of philanthropists.

The Association provides assistance for disabled people with no social security and yet in regular need for disposable underpads. They are delivered to those in need as a part of dissemination efforts exerted by the association as a result of individual and group donations.

It has been the utmost joy and pride for us to help many disabled people from all parts of the country to undergo operations and be equipped with orthesis & prosthesis, provide them with tools to make it easier to walk, get back on their feet and recuperate. 

We would like to extend thousands of thanks to our donors for their efforts to reintegrate hundreds of children including Emine GİRGİN from Çanakkale, Elif GEZER, Batuhan VURAL, Suat AVCI and Ayşe CEYLAN from Istanbul, Rahman ÖDEV from Uzunköprü, Ahmet UCAR from Ağrı, Emrah PUYAM and ÖZGE CEYLAN from Van, Özge CEYLAN, and Duygu SÖZEN from Bitlis as they have been major success stories for the association that has managed to reintegrate hundreds of people into the society since 2000.

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