Şeyma Tekin

Şeyma TEKİN is a very sweet girl born in the city of Bayburt in 1997. Her father is a construction worker while her mother is a housewife. We found out about Şeyma thanks to a letter from Kartal Public Hospital calling for aid. The letter was penned by her own form teacher and mother. They were calling upon the association as the family was in despair, reaching an impasse. This sweet girl would be a young woman one day. The depression and psychological issues that he might have sunk into could have made his life miserable. After all, she was like our own child. 

We immediately responded to their call, found where Şeyma was, and bore witness to her hardships and despair. Her right leg was amputated above the knee while the left leg had some bowing and deformities. The doctors try to fix them without the need for amputation. Şeyma also suffers from hearing and speech disorders. She could not attend a school given such predicaments. We started a battle in an effort to get her off the hook, help her attend a school, and save her future. For Şeyma, we issued a call on our friends and those with faith in us. She was going to get two prosthetic legs and then adapting to a new life after some physiotherapy. You know what happened? Our friends joined their forces, offering a new life for Şeyma. We have promised to get a bike for Şeyma once she fully recovers.

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