Özgen Ceylan

Her name is Özgen CEYLAN. She fell into a tandoor as an infant, burnt the right side of her body, and had her right arm amputated off the elbow due to the severe burn. Years went by, and her agony resurfaced in a different dimension when she turned 14. 

She was attending a secondary school, and growing up as a young girl. She was sad about the burns on her body and her amputated arm. On the other hand, her family was leading a life under challenging circumstances with 7 children. Despair was suffocating her day by day. The letters and photos communicated from Van showed how serious her situation was. It was such a tough and costly case. We did not even know whether we could offer a remedy or not. She had to see a doctor. The Association immediately brought Ozgen CEYLAN to Istanbul along with her brother. To begin with, she saw Dr. Yaşar Tatar from Marmara University's Department of Orthesis & Prosthesis for a bionic arm, and then Dr. Hasan Fındık from Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital to treat her burns. We were finally hopeful for Özgen. The operations for a bionic arm and burns would come true. We could put an end to her concerns over her future. At the first stage, it was decided to make a bionic arm for her. Compensated by grants from our donors to cover TRY 20,000 in material and other expenses, the pieces of the bionic arm were ordered, and delivered from Germany to Istanbul in three weeks. While Marmara University's Department of Orthesis & Prosthesis kicked off efforts to make an electronic arm, Özgen needed to be hosted for a month by the Association as it took some time for her to get used to the prosthetic arm and learn how to use it. 

Leading a tough life back in Van, Özgen CEYLAN got so accustomed to our staff in time that she became like our own child. We sympathized with her joy. We did burst into laughters, walked around and had fun. We had moments to remember with Özgen. A happy end was around the corner. The bionic arm was ready to go, and she began to exercise to adapt to it. Özgen's joy was written all over her face, and her smile was a precursor of wiping the slate clean. It was then time for her to undergo an esthetic surgery by the end of March. We had a hard time holding back our tears as we said goodbye to Özgen and sent her off to Van only to see her again in March. Her joy was more than enough for us. So, we would like to share the joy, bliss and pride with our donors.

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