Emrah Puyan

His name is Emrah Puyan born in the city of Van in 2002. He has 8 siblings, and his father is occasionally employed. The family's financial status is quite poor. Emrah was born with 2 legs missing below the knees. He also suffers from missing fingers in both hands. He is a sweet boy, always with a smile on his face. 

I met Emrah when I made my way to Van for aid disbursement. I saw how desperate his family was, coming to an impasse. It was imperative to put an end to Emrah's misery and save his future. This sweet boy would be a big stripling in the future. The depression and psychological issues that he might have sunk into could have made his life miserable. After all, he was one of us. 

We embarked on a battle to save Emrah's life, and promptly brought him from Van. He later underwent examination and checkup in company with the chief physician of Pendik Şifa Hospital to see what his health status was. We found out that he could walk with a prosthesis on both legs whereas it was too early to perform an operation for his hands. 

Marmara University's Department of Orthesis & Prosthesis undertook endeavors to help him walk and get on his feet. The Department had to import prosthesis from Germany for the legs and they highly expensive. Taking half measures was not an option. We had to put a smile on his face. Hence, we called on our friends and donors to save Emrah's life.

You know what happened? 

They responded to our call, and became a ray of hope for Emrah. His mother was all smiles for her son, and he was all smiles for his future. Another true story with a happy end. What a great honor to put a smile on someone's face. How about more stories like this one?  Is not it time to make children all smiles, help you have a story you would tell your own children about, and jointly take pride in them? We are always going to be there to make them happy.

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