Ahmet Uçar

Ahmet from Ağrı has been a source of pride to us. Sometimes, we get to sink into despair. We spend a lifetime in a corner with the overwhelming sense of resigning to fate. Eyes are exhausted and mind is numbed. We take shelter in a door sill or front of a window. Afraid of getting recognized, keeping it silent to go under the radar. Ahmet is one of them. He was born in the district of Doğubeyazıt, Ağrı in 1993. He had an anxious look in his eyes, with a fearful soul. His father was unemployed and ill, with no other family member employed. His mother was a housewife with 7 children and no access to social security at all. With nobody around that would go to bat for him, little Ahmet with a big heart and destined to be a young man had to walk on his hands as his two legs were amputated above knees since he had suffered from congenital clubfoot.

He went to the school this way or on a donkey's back to keep up with the times. We found him in a hospital under treatment, with dread in his eyes. We covered his treatment expenses and then had prosthetic legs made for him to walk and stand on his feet. We managed to get Ahmet back on his feet in the aftermath of a 3-month treatment and physiotherapy. In joy, tears and huge excitement, we sent him off back to Ağrı as a healthy young man with prosthetic legs. 4 years went by and Ahmet grew up. It goes without saying that his prosthetic legs had to be replaced. We found out that he could not attend the school as he had to walk on his hand again or use a wheelchair. We immediately brought him to Istanbul, and Marmara University's Department of Prosthesis had prosthetic legs made for him.


What Has Changed In Ahmet's Life?

He has been reborn. He has passed courses on a successful note every semester, and changed his previously-desperate perspective on life, and gone on to be self-sufficient, and learned how to love and be loved in return. To sum up, he has got to know life itself and made his presence felt. We foster children like him for the future and save their lives in cooperation with our donors. There are a lot more children waiting to be saved and given hope. Let's save another life and co-write a story with a happy end. Let them be your story and source of pride.

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