BEDD Seeks Volunteers!


On January 24, 2015, volunteers who volunteered to participate in many different projects of BEDD met at the BEDD headquarters.

A highly significant participation took place in order to make the disabled people realize themselves, ensure healthy individuals to do something voluntarily for individuals and community, and provide a spiritual satisfaction in the name of integrating them with the society.


Messages from our Volunteers in Europe


Inna Nedostupenko 

Hello,I came from Ukraine to volunteer in BEDD on my winter vacations.Come over,we can share a lot of ideas and impressions.By volunteering in BEDD you will not only make a positive impact on the society,but also meet new friends and develop your personal skills!:)



João Paulo Basso

Hello, my name is João, 21. I`m from Nova Esperança,Brazil. In my area, not just in my city, the problems with disabled people are really similar with the turkish problems with disabled people. I`m sure that working together, sharing projects and experience would be a perfect start for both of us.


Patrick Budek

Hey, I am Patrick from Germany. In my country most buildings have a ramp for wheelchairs and a lot of disabled people train in a normal fitness center or have their subgroups in sport clubs. I am looking forward to share these experiences with you. See you on Saturday the 24th of January at BEDD.



Ksatria Rizky

Hello! My name is Rizky, I'm from Indonesia, I'm 22 years old. I'm here in Istanbul volunteering for BEDD. Come join us, I would love to share with you regarding the conditions of disabled people in my country. In Indonesia most of disabled people become needy because they are not well taken care of. Some of them have to make their own wheelchairs in order to survive and because they cannot afford to buy them. I hope this doesn't happen in Turkey. So what are you waiting for! Come join us and make the world a better place to live for the disabled people especially in Turkey! 



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