Association Details

Name Bedensel Engellilerle  Dayanışma  Derneği (Solidarity Association for the Physical Disabled)

Legal StatusAssociation for the benefit of the public in accordance with

the provisions of the Minister of the Internal Affairs.

Registration NumberIstanbul,  34 – 61 / 044

Address: Dragos Yalı Mah. Alaska Sok. No:6, Cevizli / Maltepe, Istanbul TURKIYE

Telephone+ 90  216  370 8166

Facsimile+ 90  216  459 8728


E–Mail: [email protected]


Establishment Purpose of the Association

Our Association is for the public welfare. It provides integration of the entire orthopedic disabled persons of Turkish Republic among themselves and it does all of the required works in order to gather them in the structure of ‘’Solidarity Association For the Physically Disabled’’ with the purpose of education, health and social solidarity without having any discrimination for religion, language, race, region and gender. Association collaborates with the relevant institutions and persons in terms of the works to be implemented for orthopedic disabled persons. It accomplishes informative, integrative, curative and disability-reducing works to enable orthopedic disabled persons gain the power to be adequate for them in terms of their bodies and souls. Association rescues them from their consumer statuses and opens works areas and workshops in order to bring them to producer position and provides disabled persons to get equal share from the resources of the country.


Association works as the defender of disabled person’s rights and demands as well as being the follower of the same, provides rehabilitations of forlorn and needy-indigent disabled persons and provides shroud for them, works to obtain the required tools and equipment for disabled persons, as well as material aid and moral support, gives support to protect them and their families, accomplishes all kinds of humanistic and peaceful activities by establishing collaborations with civil society organizations representing disabled persons for the joint social activities and, just like every individual of the community, works for the benefits of orthopedic disabled persons to enable them to take their parts in every area and have the personalities at the level which can be the sample for humanity.



Solidarity Association For the Physically Disabled has been established in the year of 1993 under the chairmanship of Kemal DEMİREL and in Cevizli / Maltepe of Istanbul. Our general president, Kemal DEMİREL, was born in Istanbul in the year of 1960 and unfortunately he became paralyzed in 1970 in the result of a wrong spinal cord surgical operation he encountered and had paraplegia and he stayed in the hospital for eleven years. During that period of time, DEMİREL also lost his family and he started to struggle for life after he came out of the hospital in the year of 1982 and the life he encountered was exactly the seamy side of life.


With his hard-bitten personality, DEMİREL was determined to improve himself and first he learned how to read and write and then he started to send his unique point of views to newspaper columnists and to the radios. In the result of being in demand because of his articles, Kemal DEMİREL started to put forward his successes consecutively and by getting married with in the year of 1989 with Aqua cultural Resources Engineer Ms Nuray, he has found the biggest power in his struggle and yokemate. He has been married for 20 years and Kemal DEMİREL has two children: his daughter Ecenaz is 11 years old while his son Emirhan is at the age of 13 and by the courtesy of establishing Solidarity Association With Physically Disabled Persons in 1993 and because of his reforming work applications he has been deemed to be worthy for countless awards of the state and until today, he has received more than 200 awards.


By believing that there could not be adequate services to be provided to the disabled persons with the centralized works, DEMİREL has traveled the entire country between 1999 -2009 and he started to distribute contributions by arranging ceremonies with the coordination of Governorships, District Governorships and Mayors. In favor of providing communal awareness in the topic of disabled persons, he has implemented contribution programs in 75 provinces and in hundreds of boroughs and for this purpose DEMİREL has traveled more than 800 thousand kilometers and now he became the symbol of disabled persons and community.


Kemal DEMİREL has created a name for his established Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled more with the surgical operations, bionic arm-leg formations he caused to be done and with the bursaries, food, wheeled-chairs, patient fabric aids together with the big organizations having the purpose of moral. From now on, Demirel aims to produce giant projects in the understanding of the new term and he also wants to make big investments in despite of regressing economy of the country. For these, Demirel has established Economic Company of the Association and developed DENI Brand and he thinks, “In our country, disabled persons are required to be producers rather than being consumers. New understanding of the world demands this and it is a condition to over

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